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Doing The Best We Can is a Peer Support Network offering information and support to  parents/guardians and those indirectly affected by mental health difficulties within the family. 

 We encourage self care, well being and self empowerment to enable the parent to get through this difficult journey.  


 Services provided concentrate on the parents understanding of their child's difficulties, including who to contact for medical and peer support. Our goal is to uplift and support parents on their journey. There is no charge.

We have put together a support PDF for parents who are struggling. This will include information on the area their child has difficulties with, relaxation techniques, self-care for the parents, and the opportunity to be contacted by someone who is on a similar journey. Please email us if you are interested.

At a glance..

Doing The Best We Can was set up by parents who had to access Mental Health services for their children. They realized the difficulties that are facing parents / guardians with regard to obtaining information, services and support.

There was very little support for parents throughout this difficult journey, so they created a Facebook group in 2015 which enabled parents/ guardians to share their experiences and provide emotional and practical support for each other.


Doing the best we can  CLG was set up from July 2020 to July 2022  but due to lack of funding and donations we dissolved the organisation.

We, the parents, still offer support, one to ones and group support in our spare time so if you need to chat just contact us through email at

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Therapy Session


Gain an understanding of what your child's diagnosis means to you and your child. Accessing information of where to go for treatment and support. One-to-one sessions are a free and confidential to access message us through any of our social media forums, through email or in house.


coffee mornings

Group support through zoom or in house improves quality of life, increases and improves engagement with parents and their children, and encourages a healthy mind and better self-management.

Video Conference

Online Support

We offer a free online service through all our social media forums website email, Instagram. LinkedIn or Facebook messenger. Just contact us and we will get back to you.              As we are going through this pandemic you need not be alone. We are here to support you.


What Our Parents Say

Being a part of a group of parents who are going through similar difficulties with their children's Mental Health has been invaluable. I live in the country and there is a lack of support close by so it's wonderful to be able to connect online with other parents.

Paula ( Tipperary)

When 'S' became depressed I felt so alone. I didn't know what services were available or where I could access them. Doing the best we can guided me and offered support.

Daragh (Dublin)

When your child has Mental health difficulties the hardest part is seeing them go through so much pain. Doing the best we can allowed me to open up to other parents online or at coffee meetings and receive amazing support. I am very excited to hear of the opening of  Mayra House so that many more parents can get the peace of mind and support they have to offer.

Elizabeth ( Tullamore)

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Facebook: doing the best we can parents and guardians

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